Harness the power of story and SEO for a website that attracts & sells

Freeing you to focus your creative energy on your work, customers, and impact

Values-driven website copywriting for
creative entrepreneurs & makers

Let me guess:

You’re here because you’re ready to go from
“creative” to independent, influential CEO.

But there’s a problem.

You’re struggling to feel confident in your website launch.

Because even though you know in your head what you want to say and how you want to sound

…it feels impossible to wrangle your vision into clear, powerful words.

The kind of words that get customers excited and invested in your brand.

The kind of words that lead to sale after sale after sale.

But what if you could…


Transfer the essence of your work, your brand, and yourself onto the page

(Without sounding boring)

Take website visitors on a journey from leads to enthralled first-time buyers

(Without feeling salesy)

Get organic traffic from Google and take the pressure off your marketing

(Without paying for ads)

The Creative to CEO

Website Copywriting Package

Story-driven words + selling strategy + search engine optimization for every page of your website. Carefully crafted to sound like the words in your head, attract more customers, and lead to excited purchases or clients.

Explore the personal, partnership experience

I invite you into the process from our first call to the final draft

Pre-Project Deep Dives

• You answer my Market & Mission Questionnaire

• We do our 90-minute In-Depth Discovery Call

• I conduct up to 5 customer interviews


Research, strategy, and SEO

• I do market and competitor research

• I determine the primary keywords for each page

• I sink into emotions and perspectives of your customers


Website wireframing and writing

• I create a strategy-driven wireframe in Google docs

• I write custom website copy for each page

• You get a video walk-through of your copy + the draft in an editable Google Doc

Review & revise

• You note any changes and your overall impressions

• We do a review call to discuss

• I revise and send you the new draft

• Repeat!

• The final copy is professionally proofread


• You send the wireframes and copy to your designer

• I’m available for up to 2 months to go through your copy in your website with you or your designer


Market & Mission Clarity Questionnaire

90-minute In-Depth Discovery Call

Up t0 5 customer interviews, recorded and transcribed

5 pages of website copy + persuasive layouts to share with your designer

SEO keyword research + incorporation into your copy

SEO meta descriptions and title tags for each page of website copy

Two rounds of revisions (so we get it RIGHT)

Professional proofreading

Collaboration with your designer/developer

…And a BONUS:

Your custom Brand Messaging Blueprint

As an entrepreneur, you often have to do stuff outside your zone of genius, like writing copy for your email marketing, social media captions, and digital advertising.

Your custom Brand Messaging Blueprint is a writing and brand guide to help you beat the blank page and write on-brand for all future marketing.

What’s inside?

• Elevator pitch for you, the founder, to use when speaking about your brand

• Company tagline to use on packaging, proposals, social media, and more

• Mission statement

• How you’re different from your competition

• The “why” behind your marketing content

• Brand voice definition

• Nitty-gritty grammar decisions to keep everything consistent

• Target customer profile, pain points, and desires

• Customer “sticky phrases”

This is so much more than a professional-sounding website.

By the end of our project, you’ll walk away with…

  • A clear understanding of your value proposition that effortlessly guides all your marketing
  • The confidence to speak about your brand–not only to your customers, but also to potential hires, wholesale partners, collaborators, the media, speaking audiences, and more
  • A search-engine-optimized website primed to capture traffic from Google, without you lifting a finger
  • Your top keywords for each page and instructions for exactly how to use them beyond the copy I wrote for you (no more SEO confusion!)
  • A clear brand messaging guide to keep your marketing consistent, whether you’re writing it yourself, hiring a new team member, or outsourcing to a freelancer
  • A well-defined brand voice your customers will recognize and love
  • 5+ pages of creative, strategy-driven website copy and wireframes to draw in your ideal customers and keep them reading until they hit “Complete Purchase” or land in your inbox
  • Compelling meta descriptions and title tags that not only help you rank in Google search results but also ensure that people click YOUR link and not the next one down
  • Transcripts of all the customer interviews to inform your future marketing and launches


4-6 weeks
I only take on 1-2 clients a month,
so apply early.


Payment plans available

Custom add-ons:

Extra website pages, welcome emails, lead-generating guides, and more

Ready to harness the power of story
and SEO for your creative business?

Client Love

Major thanks and kudos. I’ve gotten half a dozen inquires in the past month (unreal considering the circumstances) and consistently get compliments on the website. Not only that, NO ONE BATS AN EYE AT MY PRICING. I’ve never been in this situation before. People see my value and want to hire me, no questions asked. Seriously, so much of that is because of the amazing work Krista has done in helping to write my website and help with the formatting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mike Glatzer

Mike Glatzer Photos

I was looking for a copywriter wanting to make sure I was describing my products and what I do, in a way that people could connect with. I was a little worried about the cost, that my money would not be well spent. But I definitely got my money’s worth. Thanks to Krista, I am confident describing myself and products in their best light.

Becky Campbell

Sewforever Quilting

Before Krista, my website copy didn’t reflect my personality or voice. It was borrrring. But Krista took time to get to know my voice and what my customers wanted so that the copy would speak to my audience. I’m very happy I found Krista. She did a great job and I’m so glad I could stop trying to write the thing myself.

Jennine Heller

J Heller Coaching

Krista is an outstanding copywriter. Her content is thoroughly researched and backed by scholarly, credible, sources. Being in the CBD space, we have to be very careful with any claims that we make. So if we do make any sort of claims or suggestions, they must be backed by credible sources – not Wikipedia, but government or education websites and articles. Her copy is also engaging, which is difficult to craft in a space where much of the copy is scientific.

Jeff Copher

Soul CBD

I knew people were visiting my website, but not taking the next step. I had hired someone in the past to help in the same way and it was a total failure and waste of money. If you hire Krista, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Well worth the investment!!! The experience from first communication through final delivery far exceeded my expectations.

Ronda Bonfanti

Loss to Love Coaching

If we haven’t met yet…
Hi, I’m Krista, website copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and makers.

I help business owners get their vision and value onto the page through clear-headed and creative copywriting.

Using the power of story and SEO, I write your website and optimize your content so that you not only attract more customers but also the right customers, the kind who will go nuts over your work.

My goal? That you will be so confident in your online messaging that you can stop worrying about selling and just get on with making an impact in your community or industry.

Still have questions?
I have answers >

How does this work?

Great question. After you apply to work with me, I’ll review your application and let you know if I’m 100% confident that this will be a good investment for your business. Then, we’ll set up an introductory video chat, where I’ll explain in more detail how the process works, and you can ask any questions you have for me. Before we start work, you’ll sign a standard contract and pay a 50% commencement invoice. And then we’ll get started!

How does payment work?

To book your project, there will be a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% balance is paid upon the delivery of the first draft of the website copy, prior to the revision process. Payment is structured this way because at this point, you will have 95% of the work in your hands–all that’s left is the revisions!

Why does it cost so much? (What if I need this but can't afford it?)

An understandable question. Here’s my answer: Website copywriting is not just “wordsmithing.” If it was, you could hire your niece who’s an English major in college. And it would cost a lot less.

Copywriting is sales, but on paper. Mixed with a healthy dose of branding and SEO. My goal is not just to give you pretty words, but also to help you succeed online where it counts the most—on your website, your online home.

If the 2-payment plan is not in your budget, email me to ask about longer payment plans, up to 6 months.

Can you teach me/coach me to write my own copy instead?

I’m working on putting together a program for teaching business owners the process of writing their own website copy that sells and ranks on Google. It will be the perfect option for business owners with a small budget and go-getter attitude. 

Email me if you’d like to be notified when the program is launched.

I also offer a Copywriting Tune-Up service for business owners who have their website copywriting already written but want an audit to make sure it’s as effective as possible. Email me to learn more. You can also download a sample Copywriting Tune-Up here


I don’t have a website designed or launched yet. Should I wait to hire a copywriter until I do?

No, it actually makes more sense to hire a copywriter before the design is started. Part of my work is structuring the information to take the reader on an intuitive journey through your website.

Plus, your web designer will be grateful to have a basic wireframe and copy to work from already. Likely, it means less revising work for them later on.

(Don’t worry, I can work from an existing website design if it’s already in place.)

Why does it take so long? (What if I'm short for time?)

The process lasts 4-6 weeks because it takes time to learn about you and your business, interview your customers, do market research, find the perfect keywords, and put it all together in writing that captures your brand and resonates with potential customers.

It’s just enough time for me to move efficiently, but not rush. In other words: the timeline ensures that you get my best work. If you’re really in a pinch for time, email me about my day rates.

Is now the right time for me to hire a copywriter?

Are you fairly clear on who your customers or clients are? Do you know that your products are viable (will people buy them)? Are you ready to invest in making your online home work as hard for you as it can?  Rebranding? Pivoting? Moving online? If so, then yes.

But if you’re still figuring out your brand, you haven’t had any customers at all through any channel, or you’re not ready to hand your messaging over to an expert… then I’d wait a bit.

I have copy already written. Can you edit it and make it sound better or be more effective?

I offer a “Copywriting Tune-Up” service that functions as a website audit. I’ll review up to 5 pages of your website for clarity and impact. You’ll get a detailed report of SPECIFIC changes to make. Sound like what you were looking for?

Email me to apply. 

You can also download a sample Copywriting Tune-Up.


My company is based outside the United States. Can we work together?

Yup! I’ve worked with companies all around the world, including Canada, the UK, Estonia, Norway, Hong Kong, and France. While we can’t meet in person, we make up for it in video chats and phone calls.

Want in?

Apply below to see if the Creative to CEO Website Copywriting Package is right for your business.

Then I’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk over video chat. 


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