Your copy + my edits = A fast, low-cost way to finetune your website for impact

So you can feel confident giving out your URL

You did the hardest part: Getting everything into words. 

But now, you can’t help wondering if it could be more streamlined or more persuasive or just, well, better?

You might be thinking…

  • Is what I’m trying to say clear? 
  • Will people understand what’s special about my brand?
  • Is this part too wordy? 
  • Are my keywords in the right places?
  • Is this enough to make people take the next step? 

This is where I come in.

 The Copywriting Tune-Up

Website Copy Editing Package

Professional editing of your website copy and user experience for persuasion, SEO, and impact.


Questionnaire to define your website goals and audience

5 pages of your website edited for clarity & impact

Strategic suggestions for improving structure and flow throughout your website

SEO keyword check: Are your keywords in the most important places?

All suggestions easy to DIY (no developer needed to implement)

 30-minute review call to go over edits and suggestions live + answer questions

Mini second review once you’ve updated your content with the edits


1 week
There may be a lead time–apply early.



Custom add-ons:

Additional website pages – $97/ea

SEO keyword research – $150/page

Ready to get your website copy tuned up in just one week?  

Copywriting Tune-Up CASE STUDY: Inward Voyage

Gary is a spiritual teacher and healer who had finally launched Inward Voyage after years as a practitioner. He had written all his website copy for Inward Voyage, but he was worried he was using too much “jargon” and losing his audience. He also felt unsure if he was speaking straight to the heart of his clients’ pain points or if he was being too ambiguous about what he “actually does.” I edited and streamlined his copy for impact, while maintaining his voice and message.

Here’s what Gary had to say:

“Krista’s ability to bring clarity and impact to your website is GENIUS!

Most importantly, she knows how to discover the “genius” behind your brand… and reveal your unique voice to the world!

Highly Recommended!!”


If we haven’t met yet…
Hi, I’m Krista, copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and makers.

I help creative business owners get their vision and value onto the page through clear-headed and creative copywriting.

Using the power of story and SEO, I write your website and optimize your content so that you not only attract more customers but also the right customers, the kind who will go nuts over your work.

My goal? That you will be so confident in your online messaging that you can stop worrying about selling and just get on with making an impact in your community or industry.

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