Client Story

Ten Little Toes

Tauni’s vision was an ultrasound experience that truly reflected the specialness of that moment. She partnered with me to write her website content so that it felt like she—the experienced professional whose warm, familiar tone made you immediately trust her—was talking directly to her potential clients.

The biggest challenge was connecting the words to her clients’ emotions around this emotionally charged time. While ultrasounds are a routine part of a pregnancy, they’re usually clinical and don’t leave room for expecting parents to really enjoy their first glimpses of their child. 

I wrote Ten Little Toes’ home page, Our Story page, Experiences page, and FAQ’s page, making sure to inject a healthy dose of Tauni’s twinkling, tongue-in-cheek humor that I knew would resonate with her target audience.


To get clients to invest in something that’s not a necessity but an emotionally driven desire. Layered within this challenge was figuring out how to make sure Tauni’s voice came through loud and clear on every page, while still making sure the website came across as a professional and established business.


An in-depth discovery call to capture the cadence of Tauni’s speech and to understand how her clients were feeling (and why they were seeking out this type of ultrasound in the first place). After the first drafts were in, we went through a couple of revision sessions to tweak the copy so that it 100% sounded like something Tauni would say.  

Here’s what she said:

Krista completely turned [my copy] around and wrote copy that felt authentic and like my voice. She’s very talented, cooperative, and professional.

Tauni McClusky, Ten Little Toes