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A few weeks ago, I clicked on an ad for The Sill, a (primarily) online store that sells houseplants.

Now, I don’t need any more house plants. I have no more shelves to put plants on—and the multitude of houseplants I do have came from my local garden store, which is walking distance from me.

But the website’s brand voice…well, delighted me. I loved how clear and educational the descriptions, site navigation, and headlines were, while they still felt cheerful and young. The company’s brand voice made me feel good, like I wanted to be a part of their community. Suddenly, I wanted house plants from them, not just from my garden shop.

That’s the power a really well-defined and differentiated brand voice has for your e-commerce store. Because, frankly, it’s highly unlikely that your product is unique. A house plant is a house plant, even if one store sells them in yellow pots and the other sells them in green planters.

As consumers, we have so many options online for pretty much every category of product. All that choice can be paralyzing. That’s why we’re (maybe unconsciously) searching for something beyond the product itself to motivate us to buy. Something intangible that sparks a moment of delight or a feeling of yes, this is what I’ve been looking for.

Brand colors, a whimsical logo, and a rad site design are part of the equation. But if your brand voice doesn’t draw in your customers… you’ve missed the boat. This article breaks down how to find the right brand voice for your online store.