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Ernie’s Blog

Ernie Carswell & Associates helps Los Angeles residents find their dream luxury homes in some of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods. The real estate market is competitive, though, so the firm wanted their online presence to stand out right away with accessible and on-target blog posts that they could package into a monthly newsletter. 

Like many service-based businesses, the driving force behind the success of the company was personality. People want to buy a house from someone they trust and like. 

I help the team come up with and write about topics their clients would be interested in perusing on a Friday afternoon (about Los Angeles, interior design, and, of course, homes and real estate). I’ve also created detailed neighborhood guides that will help newcomers to the city get a clear feeling for LA’s distinctive and colorful neighborhoods. 



To keep clients interested with lighthearted, digestible articles that speak to their local interests. It was also important that I match the existing tone they’d established on their website, so that the articles and newsletter never missed a beat. 



Initial competitor analysis to see what other local real estate agents and firms were putting out there–and, importantly, how we could improve on it. I found that many comparable agents were focused too heavily on real estate news and projections. While such topics are likely interesting for real estate professionals, they weren’t of great interest to moneyed LA residents seeking a new home. Feel-good articles about home design, architecture, and SoCal recreation would set the firm apart.