Creative blog writing to build your brand, your community & your SEO

Content marketing rooted in thoughtfulness & strategy

Most creative business owners think they have two options when it comes to marketing:

  1. Spend tons of money to hire someone to write your email newsletters, someone else to create content for your social media, and someone else to “do SEO” for you (whatever that means)…. All to end up with a disjointed and inauthentic online presence. 


2. Do it all yourself, spending precious creative hours feeding the marketing beast.

But what if I told you that there was a third option? One that costs you less money and less time while establishing your brand as a trustworthy and welcome presence online?

What if you could…

✔️  Benefit from marketing that is cohesive and original and powerful

✔️  Hop off the content treadmill on social media for good

✔️  Build a community and platform, not just a business 

✔️  Be known for actionable or provocative insights 

✔️  Earn goodwill by giving as much as you sell

✔️   Be embraced in your customers’ feeds and inboxes 

✔️  Attract organic traffic from Google and take the pressure off your regular marketing

 The Company to Community

Content Marketing Package

SEO-driven blog topics + creative articles written in your brand voice + social media captions to amplify your content.

Helping you become a memorable presence in your customers’ digital spaces.



A 60-minute kickoff strategy call

Keyword and market research to determine high-impact topics

Three-month content calendar

One longform blog post per month, up to 2000 words

Image sourcing

SEO meta descriptions, title tags, and image alt tags for each article

10 social media captions/month driving your marketing + traffic to your blog

One round of revisions per article and caption batch 

Freedom to also use the articles in your email marketing, LinkedIn, submission elsewhere, or publicity

Your name or company name as the author


3 months
I only take on 4 clients a month,
so apply early.


Website copywriting clients receive 20% off 

Custom add-ons:

Extra blog posts/month, additional social media captions, and email newsletters

Ready to build your brand, your community, and your SEO?

Client Love

"...I spent months agonizing over the site and Krista figured it out in a few hours..."

I was really lost when it came to organizing my website. I'm a copywriter, but it's impossible to have an objective view on your own writing. I also don't tend to think in terms of the actual user experience. Krista was able to parse out what was working, what wasn't and solutions on how to fix it. I agreed with every single suggestion she made and felt so relieved after getting her input. Thanks to her detailed and easy-to-follow feedback I was able to make changes to my website and it's improved by 100%. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. I spent months agonizing over the site and Krista figured it out in a few hours.

Kelly Butler


I was looking for a copywriter wanting to make sure I was describing my products and what I do, in a way that people could connect with. I was a little worried about the cost, that my money would not be well spent. But I definitely got my money’s worth. Thanks to Krista, I am confident describing myself and products in their best light.

Becky Campbell

Sewforever Quilting

Krista is the best! She's prompt, efficient and a great writer and editor. I don't know what I'd do without her expertise. Without her, my magazine would not be very successful. I have nearly a 100% readership rate with my subscribers thanks to Krista's talents.


Communications, The Apawamis Club

If we haven’t met yet…
Hi, I’m Krista, content writer & strategist for creative entrepreneurs and makers.

I help creative business owners get their vision and value onto the page through clear-headed and creative copywriting.

Using the power of story and SEO, I write your website and optimize your content so that you not only attract more customers but also the right customers, the kind who will go nuts over your work.

My goal? That you will be so confident in your online messaging that you can stop worrying about selling and just get on with making an impact in your community or industry.

Want in?

Apply below to see if the Company to Community Content Marketing Package is right for your business.

Then I’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk over video chat. 


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