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Website copy + content creation for service-based small businesses & e-commerce

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Mike Glatzer Photography

Mike is a seasoned photographer who came to me because he was at a loss as to why his website wasn’t hitting home with his audience. He was also convinced that his photography services appealed to…well, anyone. 

Soul CBD

Soul CBD creates soothing, research-driven CBD products. But how do you educate consumers about a pretty scientific (and heavily regulated) product…while also making sure your content is easy to read?

Ten Little Toes

Tauni’s vision was an ultrasound experience that truly reflected the specialness of that moment, and she needed web copy that did it justice. She also wanted her message to actually sound like she, the lifeblood of the company, was speaking.

Ernie Carswell & Associates

Ernie Carswell is one of Los Angeles’ top luxury real estate agents. He wanted to outsource his blog to a writer who could continue the lighthearted and indulgent tone that was already established on his site without missing a beat.

Tactic Staging and Interiors

Magda wanted my help to position Tactic in a lucrative niche: as professional and well-connected as the big staging companies, but with a more personal touch. We’ve been working together ever since this project on monthly blog posts. 

Gretchen Egging

Gretchen loved her job, but she felt her diverse passions might be better served doing something else. Only, she wasn’t sure what. So, she asked me to write her personal website in a way that left her career open to wild possibilities while still demonstrating who she was at her core.

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