Many of my clients hire me to help them clarify their message for their company website and then write copy that resonates with their particular audience.

It’s not as simple as it might sound—writing website copy so that your messaging feels intuitively right to visitors and converts them into loyal fans and excited buyers takes a structured and thoughtful approach.

Most website copywriting projects can be completed within 3-4 weeks, with the exact time-frame depending on the project.

Read on for what to expect if you hire me as your website copywriter:

Week 1: Pre-Writing Conversations

Thoughtful Questionnaire

Before we talk, I send you my standard 10 questions that I ask each of my clients. Knowing this preliminary information (for example: “In your words, what sets you apart from your biggest competitors?”) ensures that I can ask better questions when we do our In-Depth Discovery Video Call interview.

This way, neither us waste time going over the basics—and we can get right to the heart of how we can best position you business to hit home with your potential customers. Plus, this is a good way for you to start thinking about your vision for your copy.

In-Depth Discovery Video Call

We talk over Zoom for about an hour, where I ask you my deeper-level questions that I’ve come up with just for your brand based on your earlier answers. My goal is to know way more about your business, your customers, and your voice than I’d ever really need. We may go deeper than you expected—but you never know what will end up informing the final copy.

Customer/Client Interviews

This doesn’t happen for every project, but if it feels right for yours, I’ll interview 2-3 of your existing or past customers or clients. This way, I get to hear directly from your fans what it was they liked, and, importantly, what they think makes your company stand out.

Alternatively, I’ll prepare a customer survey you can send out.

Week 2: Research, Wireframing, & Writing

I use your questionnaire answers and our conversation to sink into the thoughts, emotions, and motivations of your customers. Then, I do some light competitor analysis to find any communication gaps in your industry that you can take advantage of. Next, I wireframe (devise a layout for) your website, and finally, I write—so that your customer sees herself in every word.

Week 3: Partnered Revising

I send you the first drafts to peruse, as you imagine you’re a customer experiencing the website for the first time. You make suggestions for text adjustments or restructures if there are places where things seem not quite right.

Using your suggestions, I rework the content. During this week, we may go back and forth a few times until we’ve arrived at the message that not only resonates with your customers, but also feels true to your brand.

Week 4: Finalized Copy

And voila! By week 4, we have the final copy for your website, and you’re one step closer to an online home for your business. You can pass on the copy to your website developer/designer and always reach out to me for revisions here and there if necessary. I’ll even be around for a final proofread once everything is set. (Oh, and if you don’t yet have a web designer, I know some really amazing people I can recommend!)

Ready to (finally) have a website that connects emotionally with your customers or clients?

A beautiful web design is only part of your customer’s journey through your site. If what they’re reading falls flat, confuses, or makes them feel like you just don’t get them…. then they’re not going to trust you. Which, yeah, means you’re not getting that project or sale.